16 February 2018

It's Moving Day

Yay!    *Doing the happy dance*

The day has come and we're off to a new location. But don't worry, I've done all the packing and moving for us.   Click on the link below and you'll find our new home:


You will see all my writings, haiku, watercolors, and musings in one location. Finally.

Drop by,

     come visit, or

          just move in.

               We're all there too.

The site/home is ready and while we all get comfortable, you will notice I am still moving a few things in (eg, haiku, stories).

Ok, come on...it's time,

By The Bay (watercolor)

Watercolor: By the Bay. It's a work in progress but thought you'd like a glimpse. Maybe...

Also, there more details on the new blog site: CandyH2O - By The Bay

15 February 2018

Valentine (love series)

I'm working out the glitches on the new blog site and will post the link here when it's ready. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Here is today's haiku for you...

~ Valentine ~

Your 'Valentine' can be any day of the year, remember that. 

10 February 2018

Goldfish (watercolor)

This goldfish was done with Holbein watercolors, Silver Black Velvet and Silver Ultra mini brushes, and painted on 140 lb Canson Watercolor paper.

I posted this on Twitter a couple days ago and you probably saw it already, so cool. I also wanted to post it here even though I'm working on the new website, (which is coming along well, by the way).

Ok...The Goldfish

08 February 2018

Moving Day

This weekend I am packing up all my proverbial boxes (of poems & short stories) and moving to a new location. Soon you will find my works at Wordpress site, and it will contain all the Haiku, "Some Short Stories", as well as new stories to explore.

Oh, and as soon as the site is up and running, I will post the link here on the blog. Thanks, guys!

~ Moving Day ~