22 February 2015

Who are you?

~ Who are you? ~

Routines lend to goals
Goals lend to lifelong choices,
Choices define you

15 February 2015


~ Awoken ~

Harsh reality
Is moments of clarity
Decisions follow

14 February 2015

Passion Pure

Happy Valentines Day...

~ Passion Pure ~

Reached into thy soul
Pumped pure passion through thy veins
Heart-pounding desire

13 February 2015

Totidem Verbis

~ Totidem Verbis ~

You've something to say
But our time here is short, so
Hurry and say it

[Totidem verbis. (Latin)  with just so many words; in these words: dictionary.com]

12 February 2015


~ Soar ~

Ignore the haters
Regardless of what they say
Open your wings, FLY 

11 February 2015

Writer's Remorse

~ Writer's Remorse ~

Oh gawd, I pushed send!
Mom will read this & I'll die.
Dad: "Nope, sent to group."

10 February 2015


~ Beach ~

I shan't dream again
There is no need for it here
I'm living my dream


~ Induratize ~

A love so intense
A passion everlasting
Then plain betrayal

07 February 2015


~ Tenebrific ~

The gloom hangs nearby,
engulfed in its glorioius
delusion of love.

06 February 2015


~ Inspirare ~

Breath, life, awoken
Passion instilled, filled the mind...
My muse. Or, I yours?

Inspirare (n) Latin, to breathe (life) into, to inspire, to instill something in the heart or mind of another.

05 February 2015

Too Late

~ Too Late ~

Too dark to see you,
I keep rubbing my eyes,
Wanting sleep instead.

Because of the hour
I lie here without power
And forsake my head

04 February 2015

Roads - Choices

~ Roads ~

In desperation,
One makes hasty decisions,
Unless well prepared