30 March 2015

Lenguaje de las Flores

~ Lenguaje de las Flores ~

Warm breath, soft whispers
Of love, lust, admiration
Spoke to your beauty

26 March 2015

French Fries

~ French Fries ~

Home-made is the best
Salty bites, hear the crisp crunch
Don't forget ketchup!

25 March 2015

Happiness is...

~ Happiness ~

Happiness is the
Ability to adjust,
Adapt and reshape

Dedicated to my mother who taught me this life lesson. 

24 March 2015


Anyone ever tell you to 'be nice'? It's bullshit. You do not have to be nice to anyone, ever. To be a decent citizen, you only need to be respectful. 

~ Nice? ~

"Nice" is for our youth
Adults prefer respect and
Reciprocate it.

23 March 2015


~ Family ~

All families are
complicated entities
Love is from our bond

20 March 2015


~ Children ~

Show them lots of love,
Give freedom to be themselves,
Share the world's beauty.

19 March 2015


~ Friendship ~

Through life's trials, our
Innate bond, everlasting.
Glad you're beside me...

©2015 CRMBailly

18 March 2015


~ Confidence ~

With soaring esteem
She presumed she could fly high.
No one else believed.

16 March 2015

The Soul

~ The Soul ~

My beloved beach
Oh, how I long to be there.
Forever, always.

11 March 2015


~ Worry ~

Does it ever stop?
No matter our age, we will
Bear the weight of love.

10 March 2015


~ Shine ~

Every day anew
Opportunities abound
Free the light within

09 March 2015


~ Cycle ~

Plant the seed of choice
Care, tend, love, and protect it
Nourish the future

05 March 2015

United Power

~ United Power ~

No one comes between
United decisions made
We are one, in love