24 September 2015


~ Words ~

Words once breezed through me,
Now flies like a hurricane
Forever scattered...

21 September 2015


~ Go ~

Inside this thick shell,
Lives but a mere mortal, sigh...
There is no more. Go.

19 September 2015


~ Know ~

In this moment, you!
Now I know a truth of me,
I've set myself free.

17 September 2015

Free Thinker

~ Free Thinker ~

ignore society rules,
embrace your own truths

15 September 2015

Life 1.1

~ Life ~

Finding the small things
That bring a smile deep within
Is all that's needed

07 September 2015


Depression affects so many people across all ages and genders. If you know someone with depression, check in with them often.  Love them.

~ Seeing ~

Look into my eyes
You can see that I am fine
Yet, inside I cry

Put this number in your contacts list and share it with loved ones.
USA National hotline:
Suicide Lifeline