25 February 2016

El lenguaje de las flores (life series)

~El lenguaje de las flores~

It springs upon us
with delicate bright faces,
and flamboyant grace.

While it's not officially spring, there are signs of it popping up everywhere. So in anticipation of warmer spring weather and blooms to emerge, I offer this  haiku to honor nature's beauty.

Her Story

~Her Story~

Day in and day out
I try to find the best words
to tell her story

22 February 2016

Personal Space

~Personal Space~

If you can read this,
You are standing way too close.
Please step back. Further!

Dedicated to introverts and semi-introverts. This is for people I know (and love) who just need space. Note that space doesn't mean they don't like you, it just means give them room to relax.