22 April 2016

21 April 2016

Exquisite (love series)


The view--Exquisite
Captivating me with your
Eternal essence

And every hard inch
Searing your brand on my soul
With endless vigor

I crave you. Want you.
Every ounce of my being
Cannot contain it

17 April 2016

Unconditional (love series)

~Unconditional~ (love series)
Engulfed by the lights
Glistening and twinkling bright
Forever in time

13 April 2016

10 April 2016

The Artist (Life Series)

~The Artist~

Bask in bright colors
Swim the sea of life's essence
Visceral actions...

09 April 2016

Puffy Cloud (love series)

~Puffy Cloud~ (love series)

Laying on the grass
I dream of us floating off
On puffy white clouds

07 April 2016

Embers (Love Series)

Flames flicker and dance
The heat of desire and lust

(love series)