20 December 2016

Political Snow Storm

~Political Snow Storm~

So cold, so frigid
Winter storm is here to stay
Get near a warm fire.

© Candace Bailly 2016 CRMB Haiku

19 December 2016

Look Again

So here are two poems and note the second poem is NOT a haiku but rather how I felt in that moment.

~Look Again~
Tell me what you see
Is it fact or what you want
To believe right now?

Down to the soul
You'll find your truth
Fuck it! Screw everything,

18 December 2016

Wake The Dream

-Not a Haiku-

~Wake The Dream~

Deep inside
you know it's there

The Rumble
The clanking
The rhythm

So do it
Push the button
Pull the lever
Poke the bear

What ever it takes to
Wake The Dream

© 2016 October by Candace Bailly