25 December 2017


I hope your holiday is filled with love, laughter, and joy.
Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
Happy Kwanza
And happy holidays to each.

22 December 2017

Holiday Candy (watercolors)

I'm fascinated with watercolors and am now taking the time to teach myself to paint with them, so let's just call this an experiment and see how it goes, hmm.

This ahem, 'experiment' will kick off next month (2018) but I'm too excited to wait, so I'm sharing one picture early. If anyone wants to know the details (i.e., the brand of paint, the colors, as well as the brand & brush numbers used for this picture), just let me know and I'll post my notes.

Watercolor painting of Peppermint Candy & Candy Cane

16 November 2017

Found (life series)

This poem is in Free Verse (not my usual haiku)...just thought you'd prefer I acknowledge the fact. 
Also, click the image to enlarge it and then it'll be easy to read.

~ Found ~

30 October 2017

Grim (life series)

~ GRIM ~

*darking, Urban Dictionary usage: pissing someone off, intentionally or not.