27 April 2017

Embers (love series)

~ Embers ~

We met amidst smoke
and set the bonfire ablaze
Now rest mid embers

© CRMBailly All Rights Reserved

24 April 2017

Badass (life series)


She bravely walked in
They beat her down...and again.
But stood tall, she did. 

©2017 CRMBailly All Rights Reserved

20 April 2017

Vain? (life series)


When you read these words,
Do you think they're about you?
If you answer yes, ... 

©2017 CRMBailly All Rights Reserved.

17 April 2017

Precision Banter (writing series)

~Precision Banter~

Spacing, meter, tone:
Reveals all you need to know
When it's needed most.

©2017 CRMBailly All Rights Reserved.

13 April 2017

Social Anxiety (life series)

~Social Anxiety~

Blood pressure rises
The heartbeat becomes rapid
And clear thinking stalls

If you know someone who has social anxiety, you might want to read up on it and then reach out to him/her.  I've also linked (below) an article you might find helpful for yourself or a loved one; if nothing else, it's a place to start. 

10 April 2017

You (love series)


My head is swimming
That woozy heavy feeling
Any time you're near.

©2017 CRMBailly all rights reserved

06 April 2017

Hurricane (life series)


Fuck y'all, I'm still here!
Now I'm doing life my way
Butterfly wings flap.

©2017 CRMBailly

03 April 2017

My Heart (love series)

~My Heart~

Come sit on my lap
Curl into a cat-like ball
and I'll caress you.

©2017 CRMBailly