29 May 2017

Passion Pure (life series)

~ Passion Pure ~

Hear the drums...constant
Beating, pounding, thumping on
Thy soul vibrates...deep

© 2017 Candace Bailly

27 May 2017

TheRUMP's robes (political series)

~ TheRUMP's robes ~

"Look how everyone
loves me because I'm so great."
Bare, fat man walks by...

© 2017 Candace Bailly

25 May 2017

Summer Beach (life series)

~ Summer Beach ~ 

People sunbathing
while ice-cold waves crash shorelines
and searing rays bake.

© 2017 Candace Bailly

22 May 2017

The Beast (human rights series)

~ The Beast ~

It's there, it's in you.
Become the bear and fearless
Oppression won't hold

© 2017 Candace Bailly

20 May 2017

TheRUMP speaks (political series)

Of note:  All the political poems will only be posted on Saturdays. 

~ TheRUMP speaks ~

Don't mind me taking
bribes and selling you all out
just believe my words

© 2017 Candace Bailly

18 May 2017

Meandering (writing series)

~ Meandering ~

Feelings swim, words fly
and idea float in space
Get grounded and write

© 2017 Candace Bailly

15 May 2017

Wanting (love series)


All I do is wait
Wondering where I fit in
Knowing it's nowhere

© CRMBailly 2017

11 May 2017

Absent (love series)


Day in and day out
Sitting alone, waiting here
Hoping there'll be more.

© CRMBailly 2017

08 May 2017

All I Need (love series)

~All I Need~

On hot summer nights
Dancing under moonlit skies
Alone-time with you.

© CRMBailly 2017

04 May 2017

Awkward (writing series)


"Mentor, I found you!
Wait, let me get a notepad,"
"Who the hell are you?" 

© 2017 CRMBailly All Rights Reserved.

Dedicated to Aaron Sorkin (I was inspired when I heard him talk about screenwriting)

01 May 2017

Renewed (life series)


Cold harsh landscape...Gone!
I want to lay in the grass
and feel the warm breeze.

© 2017 CRMBailly All Rights Reserved