19 June 2017

The Moment (love series)

~ The Moment ~

You looked straight at me
So I froze and stopped breathing...
Then you said my name.

© 2017 Candace Bailly

18 June 2017

Q & A - Type of Notebook

Every once in a while I'll get a question from a reader of the blog and I respond directly to those private emails; however, I thought it might be kind to reply on the blog itself when appropriate, so tell me what you think.

The question sent to me was about my writing habits and what type of notebook did I write on; so I'm posting a picture of the two notebooks. The leather bound book is where I transfer my favorite poems and often post those on this blog. The lined notebook is where all my poems start and finish. You should also know that many of the poems die there (in the lined notebook) because they're garbage.

As far as habits for writing, that is easy because I'm writing every day. My notebook is either with me or not far from my location so that if inspired, I can jot the idea or concept down.  And instead of relying on random inspirations, I block out chunks of time to write every day and that schedule includes breaks (to stretch, walk, or clear the mind).

CRMB Notebook and Leatherbound book

15 June 2017

Me (life series)

~ ME ~

I have what I have
No more, no less, it's just right
Because it is true. 

© 2017 Candace Bailly

10 June 2017

08 June 2017

Once Upon... (love series)

~ Once Upon ~

There was a time when
nothing else mattered but us... 
But reality

© 2017 Candace Bailly

05 June 2017

The One (love series)

~ The One ~

It's the look, the feel
of intense, pure passion and
total commitment 

© 2017 Candace Bailly

03 June 2017

TheRUMP reacts (political series)

~ TheRUMP reacts ~

"Stop saying mean things,
Arrest them! What, you cannot?
I meant it--stop them!"

© 2017 Candace Bailly

01 June 2017

Broken Flowers (love series)

~ Broken Flowers ~

Blooms open, stretch high
Letting rays caress and bathe.
But then--weed whacker!

© 2017 Candace Bailly